DRI 12S4P 20700/21700 FlexPCB 1.0 Battery Kit

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Note: NOT compatible with our 4p & 8p 21700 Nickel Tabs without trimming/modification. This PCB design was originally built for the Kaly XL 2.0 flex enclosure, so the slots are too narrow to accommodate our Nickel Tabs without modification. An updated design will follow that uses these tabs. 

This is an advanced battery building kit/component. This product is a DIY component provided as-is for now to advanced builders who know how these materials go together. Read up, get good. Don't start any fires.

Soldering, spot-welding. and li-ion battery building know-how required. 

    Specs & Dimensions:

    Usage: These 'FlexPCB's have a moderate ability to bend, within reason. Applications within high-flex decks (TRAMPA style, high-flex/low-ply MTB, etc) has not been tested extensively, do so at your own risk. 


    • Build Guide (for 18650 version, updated Guide coming)
    • Github Wiki link

    OpenSource Files:

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