DRI Modular 4P 18650 Battery PCB Kit

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 I should probably get on making that build guide but ehhhh.

4P 18650 Kit Includes:

Kit builds a single modular p-group unit, you will need 6-18 of these depending on how gigantic your non-gender specific gonads are. 

Soldering, spot-welding. and li-ion battery building know-how required. You supply 4x 18650 cells of your choosing. 

Specs & Dimensions:

  • 90mm L x 69mm W x 25mm D
  • 2-Sided, 2oz Copper Weight
  • M5 Powah Terminals (rated @ 175A)
  • 0.2mm Custom Lasercut Pure Nickel Tabs


  • Github Wiki links
  • Build Guide

Source Files: