12S4P FlexPCB Battery Pack - Sony VTC5A

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New, fully assembled, & tested 12S4P Li-Ion Battery Pack, built from 48x VTC5A Sony/Murata 18650 cells & the DRI FlexPCB Battery Kit. Built with love, safety, and durability in mind right here in the DRI workshop by The Duck himself. 

The VTC5A is a high-discharge power cell; capable of not only delivering big amps but also excellent Watt-Hour performance at higher discharge rates! The VTC5A cell is known to have minimal voltage sag, which provides more consistent power delivery throughout your ride. 

Ships domestically within 1-2 business days. 

Battery Includes:

  • 12S4P FlexPCB Battery w/ 48x VTC5A 18650 Cells
  • XT90S power connector
  • 13P balance header.
  • Charge-only Bypass BMS, wired up and ready to keep your pack well balanced.

Power Specification:

  • 80A Peak Discharge
  • 60A Continuous Discharge
  • 10.4Ah Amp-Hour Capacity
  • 50.4V Maximum Charge Voltage
  • 524.16Wh Watt-Hour Capacity

Specs & Dimensions:

  • 439mm L x 150mm W x 22mm D
  • 2oz Copper Weight
  • 0.2mm 4P Custom Pure Nickel Tabs
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm Barrel Charge Port
  • Fits Torqueboards TB40 Drop Deck

Usage: These 'FlexPCB's have a moderate ability to bend, within reason. Applications within high-flex decks (TRAMPA style, high-flex/low-ply MTB, etc) has not been tested extensively, do so at your own risk. 


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