Derelict Robot Industries is a passion project; a group of friends, engineers, & skaters brought together by shared goals & philosophies about what we wanted to create and how we wanted to bring it to the DIY eBoarding Community. 

FreeSK8 is an open source, comprehensive eboarding & LEV system comprised of multiple devices that communicate with each other to provide critical system sensor & fault data to the rider & other system components. These systems are comprised of an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller, VESC-Compatible), Radio Module/Datalogger/BLE Module (Robogotchi), Wireless Remote Control (FreeSK8 Remote/OSRR 1.0), GPS, SmartBMS (Battery Management System), Power Control (AntiSpark/power switch), Lighting Control System (LightShow Module), & various battery technologies.

We are committed to the open source philosophy of sharing knowledge & technology. This means that we want the FreeSK8 project to grow beyond just one team’s efforts and be a public asset that is available to all. In addition to publishing project documentation, source code, design files, schematics, & tutorials- our long-term goal is to stand up The FreeSK8 Foundation as a 501©3 Non-Profit Organization.

All involved with this effort believe in the power of freedom of information & open source philosophy. We feel that transparency in intentions provide personal & public accountability as we move into a new era of business ethics & consumer rights advocacy.

For those familiar with the Open Source world: Prusa Research SRO & Sparkfun serve as HUGE inspirations for the business model we aspire to follow. These guys are absolute champions to the cause & all involved with this effort owe a lot to their generosity & commitment to OS.

Rules of the Road:

  • Open Source First - Respect the License.
  • Focus on Documentation, Tutorials, Community Engagement & Collaboration.
  • Clearly defined SLA/Warranties. No “premium” up-sell warranties.
  • No Pre-Orders. Ever.
  • Clearly Defined Shipping Policies & Delivery Windows. 
  • No Heatsinks on Trucks.
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