FreeSK8 Remote - OSRR - Bruce

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Designed & Hand-Built to custom order in Portland, OR, United States. 

Receiver sold separately, required for operation. 

Ships in 2-4 weeks. Limited to one per customer, please. 

FreeSK8 Remote (OSRR 1.0) Hardware Spec:

  • Cybertech  Industrial Hall-Effect Throttle
  • Dedicated Xbee Series 3 Radio Link
  • 24mm TFT IPS full-color LCD
  • ESP32 dual-core 240mhz MCU
  • USB-C charging & reprogramming
  • 1200mah Lipo battery
  • 8+ hour runtime, 90 minute charge.
  • 90dB Buzzer
  • Haptic feedback
  • On-Body/Idle detection


We are huge advocates of consumer's right to repair + making our devices user serviceable & easy to repair. We're committed to providing open source designs & documentation on the products we develop & support, and want to facilitate this in a few ways. 

The FreeSK8 OSRR Remote comes with a 1-year standard warranty against any manufacturer defects. In addition the standard warranty, all remotes come with a 3-year repair service warranty; if your remote is damaged it can be sent in to us for repair at the cost of replacement components alone.

We will also provide discounted replacement components to any customers within the 3-year repair service warranty period that would like to repair their device themselves.


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