FreeSK8 Xenigotchi Module

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FreeSK8 Xenigotchi Module v1.5

Final Batch of 2021! Ships 12/1/2021 - Very Limited Quantities because of how it be. 

Hand assembled & individually tested with love in Portland, OR, USA.

FreeSK8 Xenigotchi Module

Note: The Xenigotchi Module replaces the stock integrated BLE module of a BKB Xenith and Focbox Unity. UART2 is not currently enabled & the optional LCD header comes unpopulated as well. More info soon. 

The FreeSK8 Xenigotchi is a variant of the Robogotchi; an advanced BLE Receiver, Datalogger, and core component of the FreeSK8 System & can be paired with the FreeSK8 GPS Module to add integrated geo-logging. 

Think of it like a blackbox flight recorder for your esk8 or LEV. 

The Xenigotchi brings Always-On Logging as a core feature with an asynchronous logging integration with our FreeSK8 Mobile App. Currently only VESC© Firmware-Compatible ESCs running fw5.0/5.1/5.2 are supported. 

Ride now, Sync later.

Hardware Specification

  • NRF52840 NRF Module
  • QSPI Integrated Flash Storage
  • 90dB Alarm Buzzer
  • Status LED
  • Real-time Clock w/ SuperCap backup
  • GPS Module upgrade port
  • LDO voltage regulator
  • Dimensions: 22 x 40 x 10 mm

Open Source Documentation:

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